My name is Oleg Smedyuk and I'm a full stack python developer experienced in Django/Flask frameworks, REST/GraphQL, and
javascript (jQuery/Vue/ReactJS).

Oleg Smedyuk

I am full stack python developer from Ukraine. Experience in commercial development for 5 years. Higher education. English level: read/write/speak.

Key technologies:

  • Django/Flask/Celery
  • MySQL/PostreSQL/Redis/ElasticSearch/RabbitMQ
  • jQuery/VueJS/ReactJS/webpack
  • AWS (RDS/ES/EC2/S3/CloudFormation/Glacier/etc.
  • Stripe API/Facebook API
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October 2021

Start working at Intive

  • Development of a project for accounting for company finances (double entry accounting system).
  • Key tasks:
    • Complete project refactoring.
    • Unification of development environments (local/dev/stage/production).
    • Integrate pytest, refactoring of the existing unittest tests and speed them up
    • Integrate docker for easy local development
    • Integrate Plaid API
    • Integrate Swagger/Redoc docs
  • Tech stack
    • Django/Django Rest Framework/Celery/PostgresSQL
    • Stripe API/Plaid API/Sendgrid

January 2020

Start working at Ivelum

  • participated in the development of an application to improve team productivity.
  • development of an application for unified authorization and storage of user data
  • tech stack
    • Django/Celery/MySQL/ElasticSearch/REST/GraphQL
    • webpack/ReactJS
    • AWS (Cloudformation)
    • Trunk Based Development, Zero downtime migrations

February 2018

Start working at SoftFormance

  • development of an application to automate advertising messages on Facebook.
  • tech stack:
    • Backend: Django/Celery/PostgreSQL/FacebookAPI
    • Frontend: Angular2/webpack
    • Deployment: Ansible/AWS
  • development of a website (affiliate system, KYC system) for a cryptocurrency (out staff project for the what.digital company)
  • tech stack:
    • Django/Celery/PostgreSQL
  • development of an application for a transport company (admin panel, calculation of routes, order processing, integration of payment systems)
  • tech stack:
    • Django/Celery/PostgreSQL/jQuery/socket.io/node

September 2017

Started code review at dvmn.org (until now)

  • review of students work
  • help with creating tasks and teaching materials
  • writing improvements to tasks

May 2017

Side projects at i-pr.com.ua

  • configuring linux servers from scratch to deploy web projects
  • setting up a working environment for the PHP development team (sftp, git, Redmine)
  • optimization of existing web servers
  • mail configuration for servers
  • development of asos.com parser (in python) with integration to the OpenCart database

December 2015

Start Python development

  • passing various tasks (checkio, stepic, codewars)
  • writing various system utilities to speed up routine tasks
  • writing website parsers

April 2013

Remote Linux system administration

Full setup and support for web hosting with multiple sites.


  • Establishing new sites into operation (setting up ISPs, domains)
  • database support (MySQL)
  • mail setup
  • Web server setup (Apache, Nginx)
  • anti-virus, anti-spam
html css

July 2012

Frontend development

Building pages from psd files using HTML5 and CSS3.

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